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OESF Portables Forum _ Zaurus - pdaXrom _ Qt/x11

Posted by: scoutme Feb 15 2005, 01:17 AM

Why, if we have X/Qt compiled, why cannot we have Qt/X11? Maybe it will let us use some qtopia apps in pdaxrom.

Maybe I'm wrong. Any idea?

Posted by: pgas Feb 15 2005, 01:39 AM

I think you need some explanations: (note that I don't know the details of the implementation so I may be wrong, though I think what i say is roughly how it works)

First see this:

Qt is a set of widget (ie boxes etc)

Qt/X11 and Qt/Embedded are 2 porting layers that gives the basic functions (maybe a drawline function for instance) that are then used to implement qt, using either the X11 library for the first, or directly the framebuffer ie the hardware in the second case.

X/qt is an implementation of the X server that uses the drawing functions of the Qt/embedded layer (At least I suppose)

Pdaxrom uses an X server that uses the the hardware drawing functions.

Pdaxrom has the Qt library built on top of qt/X11.

So in theory applications using qt work on both X and qtopia, (though there may be some little problem with version, little difference etc....) and in practice kdepimpi runs on 3 platforms with almost the same code.

Next there is qtopia, which is a desktop environnement built on top of the Qt layer, this provides the desktop the bar some methods for applications to communicate etc..

So if a qtopia application uses this api in order to run in pdaxrom it also needs the qtopia layer (running on top of qt/qt/X11)

Posted by: scoutme Feb 15 2005, 10:42 AM

ok. Is there a simple way to have a qtopia layer working?

Posted by: pgas Feb 15 2005, 10:57 PM

Well there is a thread about this in qt/qtopia devel.
How to build is here:
(there is a lot to compile)

the pdaxrom team (sash) may have made some attempt to build this as there are some patches for it in the builder.

It seems also that the qtopia desktop runs in a virtual framebuffer qvfb.

It's not clear to me what will be the benefits though, as even with qtopia/x11, I don't think that existing binaries (not included in qtopia) will work without recompilation. So I'm not sure that closed source applications like opera or pim with outlook synchronization will work. (pdaxrom uses a different kernel/ libc version etc...)
If I'm wrong about this can someone please correct me?

What are you missing so much about qtopia most important applications have equivalent i think (except perhaps something like a good free hand note application)?

I think building qtopia for pdaxrom is a lot of trouble if the only point is to be able to to run every existing apps without reflashing.

Besides there are allready several solutions to run both X and qtopia. (sharp rom + x11/qt is a very good one).

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