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Posted by: Daniel W Jul 13 2019, 12:37 PM

With Update #20 out and, including today, 19 days left of July 2019, perhaps it's time to start guessing when:
A: The first user Cosmo production run will start.
B: The first user Cosmos leaves the factory.
C: The first user posts on OESF that they have received their Cosmo(s).
D: Most users who backed their Cosmos during the crowdfunding month have received their units.

A: As consumer electronics certification must be fairly streamlined, testing only HAS to find issues that cannot be fixed via software updates, and they're currently waiting for more of the material they've already got for PR1,
I'm guessing Monday, July 29. Correct answer: Tuesday, September 3 (so my guess was off by 36 days).

B: For the Gemini, the first user mass production commenced around Saturday, January 20, 2018 (Update #44). Three weeks later, on Saturday February 10, it was complete (Update #48). I seem to recall it took longer before units actually were shipped from the factory, but as I hope things will be a bit smoother this time,
I'm guessing Monday, August 19. Correct answer: Friday, October 11 (so my guess was off by 53 days).

C: The earliest post here from a user who received their Gemini, says it arrived on Thursday, March 1, 2018, which is close to six weeks after the first production run was complete, but as I think that was due to some shipment issues,
I'm guessing Monday, September 9.

D: I got my Gemini three weeks later, on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. While I had to wait a bit, as, apparently they assembled "other" keyboard layouts (such as Swedish) last, I wasn't the last early funder to get mine, but, again, as I hope things will be a tad quicker this time,
I'm guessing Monday, September 30.

There. Yes, I've simply guessed "three more weeks" each time, as I think it's more or less reasonable. Naturally, I HOPE things will be faster, but, well, shipping stuff from China isn't typically fast. Now, it's you turn to guess, should you want to. Then we can compare, both to the mass production schedule we're supposed to get "soon", and, later, to actual reality.

Posted by: Daniel W Jul 29 2019, 06:35 AM

[I'll use this post as an event log and add the correct answers above, to keep things together, and maybe to look a bit less like a lone crazy guy talking to himself...]

[Edit: Monday, July 29] Well, with Update #21 out, the first user Cosmo production run is now scheduled for "the last week of August", which would suggest A: Monday, August 26
So, for now, it seems my first guess was four weeks off. It remains to be seen if B, C and D thereby has also slid that much, in which case we're looking at deliveries in October.

[Edit: Monday, August 26] In this video:, posted on Friday, August 16, Dr. Janko says, at around 1:11, "Stay put, we're going into production... probably the week after next week", which would be this week. Standing by...

[Edit: Wednesday, September 4] Update #24 says PCB production "started this week". When it arrived yesterday, local time at the factory was around 17:48 (UTC+08), which would suggest A: Tuesday, September 3

[Edit: Sunday, October 13] Update #29 says "The first Cosmos arrived at our warehouse in Hong Kong on Friday and have now been shipped to backers", which would suggest B: Friday, October 11
All units in the first shipping batch seems to have the Japanese PCB version, to be followed, first by units with the international version, and then by units with the Verizon PCB version.

[Edit: Wednesday, October 16] Today, Varti posted here on OESF that GeminiPlanet posted a Twitter link about the first Japanese backers receiving their Cosmos today, and while that means real Cosmo units are now in the hands of actual users, I asked, perhaps without really thinking, when someone would post here about their own unit, so I am going to note that the first users got their Cosmos on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, and then I'll keep waiting for someone to post here about their own Cosmo. Sorry for any cofusion.

Posted by: maki.jouni Oct 12 2019, 11:01 AM

QUOTE(Daniel W @ Jul 29 2019, 05:35 PM) *
I'll use this post as an event log and add the correct answers above, to keep things together, and maybe to look a bit less like a lone crazy guy talking to himself...

I find myself occasionally here checking what was these A, B, C and D. And is there some info from some 3rd party sites or IndieGoGo updates that fill something on our questionmarks. I think that B is confirmed now smile.gif

Posted by: Daniel W Oct 13 2019, 07:27 AM

QUOTE(maki.jouni @ Oct 12 2019, 09:01 PM) *
I think that B is confirmed now smile.gif
Welcome to this particular little corner of OESF. Yes, indeed B is confirmed, I've updated the above posts accordingly now.

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